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Lisa Bruce featured in Claremont Living magazine

Lisa Bruce, a Claremont native, is one of those lucky individuals who has figured out how to help people and make a living in the process. Her kind, creative and caring nature suits her chosen profession perfectly as well. Lisa specializes in permanent cosmetics and electrolysis, two services that can make all the difference to people who have lost their self-confidence because of hair related issues, whether that means too much hair or too little...

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"Permanent cosmetic artist helps heal clients"

When Lisa Bruce finishes tattooing some customers at her studio in Albany, the reaction can be emotional.

"It's the final touch, it's the end of their usually two-year ordeal of trauma and misery and insecurity, depression, pain, surgery, all of that," Bruce said. "It's the end, it's such a relief. To look in the mirror and see they have breasts again. It's not unusual for women to cry with happiness, with joy and relief. It's over."

Bruce's "final touch" is to tattoo nipples and areola on reconstructed breasts. Patients often have gone through mastectomies and want their breasts to look more "natural."

Bruce opened Lisa Bruce Studios at 1225 Marin Ave. as a place for electrolysis, the cosmetic removal of hair. Around 1992, she branched out...

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Electrologists' Association of California article:
"Cover-Up Scars with Camouflage Tattooing"

Permanent Cosmetics for many is considered a beauty treatment with convenience and the luxury of always looking your best as an added benefit. But eyebrows, lips or eyeliner is not the only service that permanent cosmetics offers. Camouflage tattooing is a much sought treatment for diminishing or hiding a scar due to an accident, fire or surgical procedure...

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