Permanent Cosmetics

Who benefits from Permanent Cosmetics?

Someone who:

  • - Is allergic to makeup
  • - Doesn’t know how to apply makeup
  • - Has thinning or non-existent brows or lashes
  • - Wants to look their best while active in sports
  • - Wants to look fresh when they wake up
  • - Has lost definition in their lips
  • - Wants lips that look fabulous after a meal
  • - Desires a soft, natural enhancement to your appearance

Permanent Cosmetics is not recommended if you:

  • - Are diabetic
  • - Are undergoing chemotherapy
  • - Are pregnant or nursing
  • - Have skin infections
  • - Are sick or have serious medical problems
  • - Had Botox or lip fillers within last two months
  • - Are on Accutane

Frequently Asked Questions

What is microblading?

Microblading is a technique for creating a realistic stroke that looks just like a hair. It is also known by the terms Hair Stroke, 3D, Microstroking, Feathered and Embroidered Eyebrows. It is tattooing and it is permanent cosmetics.

I use Latisse® on my lashes. Is that alright to continue?

Latisse® should be stopped at least one month prior to having an eyeliner procedure. You may resume using it one month post treatment.

Can I swim after permanent cosmetics?

Permanent cosmetics is wonderful for swimmers and anyone athletic because you can look fresh while and immediate after you swim or exercise. After your treatment we want your skin to heal beautifully so I recommend resuming your swimming and the use of a hot tub or sauna two weeks after your procedure date

How permanent is permanent cosmetics?

Permanent cosmetics is a tattoo which means pigment is deposited under the skin so it can’t wash off. As with any tattoo, it will fade over time so it’s not unusual to request a color boost after one to ten years. Sun will fade your permanent cosmetics so wear sunblock and sunglasses daily!

Does it hurt?

Everyone has a different threshold for discomfort. Some people aren’t bothered by it while others find it uncomfortable. I use a topical anesthetic that many clients find works quite well.

Is it safe?

I’m licensed by the Alameda County Environmental Health Department and am a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional with the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. Both of these organizations require me to keep up with Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards.

Sterilized, disposable needles are used with each procedure.

Please keep in mind that skin, health, and aftercare influence the final outcome of the procedure.

For further answers to your questions please contact me at 510-900-1172 or

You may also peruse the SPCP website for more information.